• A sustained period of globally low interest rates has resulted in investors seeking exposure to growth in private assets, especially in Technology

  • Technology innovation with mobility and the cloud is resulting in businesses driving productivity and new revenue opportunities in both Consumer and Enterprise segments

  • With Government and University support at the grass-roots, companies are being established at break-neck speed. Combined with accelerators and incubators for early-stage support, entrepreneurs are emerging everywhere, every minute

  • Capital availability globally is coming from a multitude of avenues, ranging from Pension Funds, Sovereign Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity Fund, Corporate and High Net Worth individuals

  • The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is a logical avenue for capital raising for businesses that have traction and have ambitions to build global businesses

  • The US stock markets: Technology and Innovation constitute circa 50%+ of the index

  • ASX: has historically been dominated by Banks and Mining companies. Technology represents circa 5%, and hence the future growth and opportunity set remains lucrative

  • Flow of SMSF & industry super funds means there is an increasing pool of capital to fund emerging technology & companies focused on innovation

  • As small cap funds grow in AUM , the impact of deal opportunities diminishes &, alpha generating transactions are often overlooked due to size restrictions

  • Our intention is to exploit inefficiencies in pricing between the private & listed markets

  • Alium’s ability to tap pre-IPOs is significant, through decades of industry experience & strong relationships

  • The Australian technology landscape is shifting with companies demonstrating their ability to compete on a global platform & create significant shareholder value

Alium Capital caters to an exclusive club of like minded & patient investors willing to look beyond traditional & crowded areas of the share market. We aim to use our flexible family style mandate to generate alpha. Our combined years of experience in managing risk will protect capital during times of heightened volatility.

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