A focused Technology & Innovation Company investor within Private, Secondary and Public markets aimed at generating strong long-term returns & a Focus on Liquidity

Alium Innovation Fund

  • An experienced team focused on private investing in ANZ technology and innovation companies with returns and liquidity outcomes at the forefront
  • Founder aligned, generally 1st institutional capital investor
  • Well defined investing into Private, Secondary and Listed companies
  • A track record since 2016 with almost 40 exits including IPOs, strategic and financial stakeholder outcomes

Alium Alpha Fund

  • 7 year track record with a realised IRR of 23%
  • Harvesting assets

Why Alium

  • We have a deep understanding of technology businesses, and value creation
  • Investing in companies requires constant interaction with management, competitive analysis and understanding catalysts that create value
  • We have decades of experience in this space, and an impressive long-term track record