Alium Alpha Fund

After 7 years, the Fund is not accepting new investment applications and has moved into harvesting mode. The Fund has generated almost 40 exits and a realized IRR of 23% and 2.3X MOIC. The quality of the assets remains strong and the Manager's are maximizing value for Investors during the harvest period.

Any new investors are directed to the Alium Innovation Fund which is open for investment applications.

Launched in 2016

A strong 7 year track record of returns and liquidity.

Outcomes Focused

Often 1st capital into companies, the Manager realized almost 40 exits over the 7 years. With an average holding period of <5 years, the realized IRR of 23% and MOIC of 2.3X is world class.

Private Investments

Alium backed fast growing, high quality technology and innovation focused businesses that were well on their way to a liquidity event - either IPO or M&A.

Latest Fund Report

Alium targets long term returns of 15% pa, noting that past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Alium produces Quarterly Investor letters - the latest can be viewed below.