Alium Alpha Fund

A Investment Fund which invests in private companies that intend to list or will be M&A candidates (~60-80% of Fund) and listed companies (~20-40%) with the objective to provide outsized returns over the longer term. The Fund invests in Technology, Innovation, and mid-late stage businesses, all the way through to their public listing.

Tapping Technology & Innovation in APAC

Take advantage of a perceived gap in the market for sophisticated investors, who up until now have been unable to participate in a diversified portfolio of smaller, private companies.

Focused on Pre-IPO ASX Technology

Core focus within technology & innovation. We will invest in Pre-IPOs, recapitalizations & placements. An opportunity to leverage our extensive network of relationships to invest in a part of the market that is overlooked by larger funds whose growth in assets has limited their ability to generate alpha in this space.

Backing Fast-Growing, High Margin Private Investments

Aim to access deals, both private & public, which have been historically dominated by a combination of large family offices, PE/VC entities – hence creating a gap in the market for ALIUM. Offer larger sized investors in the fund the ability to co-invest in pre-IPO opportunities.

Latest Fund Report

Alium targets long term returns of 15% pa, noting that past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Alium produces Quarterly Investor letters - the latest can be viewed below.