Alium Alpha Fund

A Investment Fund which invests in private companies that intend to list or will be M&A candidates (~60-80% of Fund) and listed companies (~20-40%) with the objective to provide outsized returns over the longer term. The Fund invests in Technology, Innovation, and mid-late stage businesses, all the way through to their public listing.

Tapping Technology & Innovation in APAC

Take advantage of a perceived gap in the market for sophisticated investors, who up until now have been unable to participate in a diversified portfolio of smaller, private companies.

Focused on Pre-IPO ASX Technology

Core focus within technology & innovation. We will invest in Pre-IPOs, recapitalizations & placements. An opportunity to leverage our extensive network of relationships to invest in a part of the market that is overlooked by larger funds whose growth in assets has limited their ability to generate alpha in this space.

Backing Fast-Growing, High Margin Private Investments

Aim to access deals, both private & public, which have been historically dominated by a combination of large family offices, PE/VC entities – hence creating a gap in the market for ALIUM. Offer larger sized investors in the fund the ability to co-invest in pre-IPO opportunities.

Latest Fund Report

Alium targets long term returns of 15% pa, noting that past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Alium produces Quarterly Investor letters - the latest can be viewed below.

Information Memorandum

Download a copy of the relevant Information Memorandum and read it carefully

Application Form

Download a copy of the relevant Application Form and complete each section, ensuring that appropriate identification documents have been provided

Return the completed forms to the relevant registry using the email on the application form.

Only complete and account opening forms including FATCA Self Declaration Form will be processed.

Alternatively, the Alium Alpha Platform Fund (APIR DCA8346AU) is available via NetWealth, HUB24, Praemium, PowerWrap and Macquarie Wrap - for Wholesale investors.