Alium Alpha Fund


The Fund focuses on investing in private & public companies with a particular focus on providing later stage funding to Technology & Innovative companies intending to list on the ASX in the future.

PRE-IPO FOCUS: Alium Capital Management is an investment manager catering to sophisticated investors seeking family office style flexibility & exposure, with a particular emphasis on pre-IPO investments on the ASX.

PUBLIC/PRIVATE: Broadly we are a cross-over investment fund specializing in unlisted companies and public equities. We are focused on emerging technology & innovative companies, covering the spectrum from private Series-A-to-Z fund raisings, as well as investing opportunistically in emerging listed stocks.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT & FINANCIALS: Alium places a heavy emphasis on management and financial metrics to invest in businesses that can grow into meaningful enterprises with global reach. In particular Alium will typically look to invest in high growth, high margin companies, that demonstrate a competitive edge in both innovation and disruption.

CO-INVESTMENT: We allow our investors to co-invest in select deals.

EXPERIENCED FUND MANAGER’S: The team has a combined 75 years of industry experience & relationships which they leverage to identify alpha generating deals. In addition, the manager’s have experience in research, stock selection & portfolio management to be active in the market segment that is overlooked by larger funds with restrictive mandates.

FOCUS ON RISK MANAGEMENT: Importantly, their experience in managing risk & avoiding draw-downs bodes well to protect capital during times of heightened volatility.

Unique Investment Opportunity

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Alium Alpha Fund. Authorised Rep 1247980 of AFSL No. 226199